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#136275 - ” She replied shortly after and said “I’ll think about it my bf is being a dick I’ll call you back at 6” I just left the conversation go at that and went on with my day I went out to lunch with my dad, went for a run with my dog because I like to keep my body healthy, and then after that I just kinda chilled at home and waited for six to come. I turned off the sink and went to bed next to the girl of my dreams thinking about what had just happened as I dozed off to sleep. I finally caught up to her on the side walk and we started talking about what we were doing that weekend she said she was just going to stay in and be boring so I invited her to a party my brother was putting on in charlotte as he went to school there.

Read Made Kibou no Okusuri Ikaga desu ka? - Danganronpa Handjobs Kibou no Okusuri Ikaga desu ka?

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