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#103820 - We sat drinking and talking, her boyfriend was working away all week, so she was enjoying the company too, I showed her some pictures on my laptop of the kids and Sue, and said we all enjoyed going to the nudist club, and they sometimes bring a friend with them. This time, I held her arm and led her into the shower, not knowing what I was doing as I made her kneel in front of me, it was then I said willing to try more kinks, with a nervous smile she said Yes' So aiming at her boobs, I began to pee, she moved, but looked at me, I stopped and said, you don't have too with that Pauline, moved back and looked up, my pee once more flowed over her boobs, then carefully I moved my aim up a bit, splashing her face just a bit, then back down to her boobs to finish. When we got to her house, I took a shower and unpacked, as I walked around the bedroom, I saw Pauline, near the door, I only had a towel on and made no effort to hide, then she walked in, asking if I needed a

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