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#50052 - i hope not not yet but dont worry i will slut i say as i choke on your cock how does your pussy taste cunt? it dosent have a taste i wont give you the satisfaction i slap you what the fuck does it taste like you dirty whore it dosent taste like anything! GET off me! fucking tell me or ill have to cum in you it tastes *crying* ok see it tastes ok! just ok tell me what it tastes like slut like you just took my fucking virginity! mmm now im gonna cum in you slut i force my cock back in your pussy and start pumping my cock into you hard i'm screaming again and crying trying to move my hip around like im not enjoying it i like it but i dont like you are you ready for my cum you filthy whore no dont please please no no!! it hurts so much dont make long term affects im gonna get you pregnant whore what about the baby? he'll have the wrong father who gives a fuck slut every day i carries that baby i will think of this moment i dont

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Boruto uzumaki
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