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#348885 - But still having his eyes partially open it didn't surprise anyone to watch him slowly stand up and grab Stacey by the waist, only to walk over and plant her ass down right on the edge of the pool table. It was only when I admired her for a minute or so when I finally thought - here is a tiny girl so damn skinny that you can literally see her entire rib cage seemingly trying to rip through her delicate skin, but yet tits so fucking massive in size that it takes a gigantic D cup-size bra just to encase them. But now the simple fact was something is going to happen, whether if Britney was going to break down and let these guys have sex with her willingly, or if they were going to have to pry her legs open and take turns fucking her cunt by force - Britney got these guys horny and rowdy as hell so there was no way anyone would be willing to help her out now.

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