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#353774 - after another few minutes he told her to use her hands to stroke the length of his penis while she sucked on the head, she complied and sucked half heartedly, earning another flick on her cheek as he told her to suck like she meant it, she nodded and started to suck and lick like he was a loli pop and she was eager to find the center, hoping this would make him happy, it did but only for a little while and then he told her to keep stroking him and suck on his balls, she kept stroking him but she deffinetly didnt want to suck his balls, that was just gross, he grabbed her hair and forced her head down, and when she cried out he pushed his balls into her mouth suck! she whimpered, tears starting to well up as she began to suck on his balls, they felt perky and heavy, and admittedly not as bad as she thought, but still it was her dad! after a little while he used both hands to guide her head back to his cock and make her take it all into her throat again, he felt even thicker and she co

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