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#318031 - We were boarding in 25 minutes. This holiday was going to do her the world of good, she deserved it. Janine looked into his exhausted eyes, “Oh god Alex that was a great fuck, you have certainly made this flight interesting” “You really know how to control a man with that pussy, ive never felt anything like it” Alex managed between breaths, “Well let’s just say ive had my fair share of cock, I know how to please, ha ha” Janine laughed as she pulled up her jeans and panties, Alex pulled on his trousers, “lets just hope your on the red eye on your way home from your holiday, I could use some more of this action” Janine leaned into him, looked him in the eye as she spoke, “I could use some of your cock again Alex, ill keep using this airline till we meet again” They kissed again, as if they had been lovers for years, gentle but with passion, intense but slow, they ment what they said, they wanted each other so badly, with that Janine pulled on her bra and top and stro

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Momoko togame
I wonder if he ever gets tired of fucking her
Mikan sakura
Soo sexy
Elhaym van houten
Wow that really is a million dollar pussy gorgeous