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#151507 - On the way home Sally said that Greg asked her to get engaged he had no intention of leaving his wife or her leaving me, he wanted to show Sally how much he loved her because he felt there was a connection between them, Greg wanted to buy my wife an engagement ring to wear, l said they could get engaged as we all got on well and she would often refer to him as her second husband then she dropped the bombshell, Sally wanted Greg to get her pregnant she hadn’t asked him yet but it was something she needed him to do, so there would be 3 in our marriage and 4 should he agree to give her a baby. After their romp they lay on the bed exhausted and sweaty, Sally suggested they have a shower, Greg took her hand and they went into the bathroom, l left them on their own as Sally seemed quite happy and contented with Greg. I don’t know how Greg does it but my wife their baby and him have even been on holiday he never says what he tells his real wife why he disappears for a week.

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Remi shinjou
Now this is something i need to try
Mamimi tanaka
Very nice
Kaguya houraisan
You cant call that an ugly christmas sweater while shes wearing it she could make a trash bag look sexy