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#74924 - I woke at around midnight and told her I had to go…I told her the room was paid for and she was welcome to stay…She smiled and said she had an early flight… I guess we have connected at least a dozen times over the last three months…She likes to go on real dates…a nice dinner, the theatre…. She wriggled with pleasure as I moved to the left, and she sighed “that’s it …thank you Daddy” Her eyes were closed now as she obviously focused in on her own pleasure…I slid down her perfect torso and flirted softly with her inner thighs…until I could sense her growing impatience…I ran my finger up and down her slit which was already soaked…then followed with my tongue…She moaned softly, “Yes…oh Yes Daddy…. She brings a dress to wear usually though I have bought her several too.

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Flay allster
Dont say that just say asshole
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You two are amazing together nice hentai
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