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#398413 - What good would it have done me? One said to the 3rd you want to pee in him and he said naah, not this time, but we need to get him someplace where we can take our time, we got to split now before we get caught. Tears were rolling down my face and I was sobbing and I didn't move and he slapped me again, harder, so I nodded and mumbled ok and he held out his limp dick and said put it in your mouth and start sucking and so I did and as I started to suck he started to pee into my mouth and I had all I could do to drink in down in quick gulps while he pee'ed and the other boys were going like this is awesome. Don't you dare tell one threatened and another said he like it too much to tell.

Read Sapphicerotica 有村大根 昔の制服を着るモルガン陛下 - Fate grand order Body 有村大根 昔の制服を着るモルガン陛下

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