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#207087 - ” and that was all I needed to hear to feel pleased I had done a good job. I sat back, exhausted and bloated from this cock – when previously I thought I could take many, one after another; certainly not for the moment I couldn’t. Nin joined her and I could feel their cocks risen and pressing me from the front and the side, and I reached my hands to their breasts and felt their nipples within my fingers – that’s what I wanted: they could do to me what they would, I wanted breasts and cocks in my mouth, all at once would be wonderful, if impossible! My pants and briefs were pulled down by Tin, and my shirt taken off by Nin, and they dragged me to the bed and lay me spread-eagled, standing at the side and slowly removing their own clothes, tops and silky bras first and they truly did have nice breasts, not big, Tin’s perhaps slightly more so, but well-formed mounds and the nipples I had been feeling already.

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Hikaru hibino
She is perfect anyway
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