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#201737 - The first time that I remember clearly was one afternoon in a toilet in Birkenhead Park (long demolished), by the Art School. The light blocked out as he put his eye close to the hole to look at me, I slide my jeans and underpants down round my ankles and turned to face the hole so he could see my balls clearly, the eye at the wall did not move so I pulled back my foreskin and pumped at my dick a few times until a little drop of clear goo appeared that I rubbed around my bell end until it was glistening, I felt that I was about to come so I had to stop. I leaned forwards and took a big sniff and without considering what I was doing stuck out my tongue and licked the slit, he must have been waiting for that as he pushed forwards so that his balls hung through the hole and his pubes bushed out around the base of his cock, he stiffened up even more and there was a strong upwards curve to his dick and it pulsed in my hand.

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