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#296860 - I thanked Al for fucking me and told him we will be staying another day as well, and asked if he could return, he smiled and said yes for sure then we went out to join in the orgy again, Gretchen and Sue taking 3 guys each, some now with soft cocks, had run out of cum, but still wanted to play with the girls, Lyn took on Lou who was trying to get his cock hard again. Most of the guys were sitting around now, limp cocks everywhere, the girls playing with each other licking and rubbing the cum of one another gave the guys a good show, but to no avail their cocks were dead, but Lyn had another idea, she looked at them all and asked if any one needed to take a leak, a few said they would need to, so Lyn took them a short way onto the grass area, and lay down, telling the guys to empty their bladders over her, none moved until I walked up and pissed over her face and boobs, then a few others started to follow suit, Lyn was soaked, as Sue and Gretchen looked on in surprise. When th

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I could not understand a single word damn
Shuichi tsukamoto
Amazing hentai