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#34174 - I didn't even hear when the waitress came up to me, I'm sorry? was the only thing I could say to apologise and get her to repeat what she said without saying anything else and I looked up at the pretty waitress as she repeated her question, would you like anything? nodding with a smile I replied, yeah, can I have a. As I spooned the icecream into my mouth slowly I found myself keep stealing glances at the guy behind the counter until I was through, I looked at my watch and it was now 7:30PM and I figured I should get going and left 10 bucks on the table before getting up and leaving. A gasp escaped my lips feeling Michael's slick tongue slide over the length of my rigid shaft and I looked down to watch as he sat on the edge of the bed stroking his own erection as he held the base of mine while letting his tongue travel over it.

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