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#135022 - She chewed, swallowed, then she rubbed her full belly and moaned rapturously “Yummy, yummy, yummy, I have creamy butter sauce in my tummy!” “Are you well fed then, Coco?” Bill asked. “No, that huge thing won’t fit in my little pussy! Maybe I’ll just stick the end in, that seems to be where it gets air and spits from. She shrieked in ecstasy, seemingly for long moments as she slammed her hot wet pussy against his face and squeezed his head with her strong thighs.

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Kaede minami
Omg this video make me so horny
Thank you i totally agree i love when someone is open explaining how they feel what they like and dispelling myths having a dick that curves up my partner realy likes missionary position with her knees up to her chest we can also make eye contact she can rub my chest and i love watching her tits bounce ps we are in love with you
Now i know what i want and what i need