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#243069 - '' I love you Alex I was just scared because you look like you have a lot of girls to play around with'' We talked for a while I had to go home but we agreed we are now dating yes and this is not a one time thing. I practically tore off the blouse well in my imagination of course but in reality my hands were too shacky that she had to help me I didn't know what to do next but thank you internet for porn I attacked her nipples sucking gently biting one whilst caressing the other I could feel some sort of heat emanate from her as I was doing but what the hell probably learn that in biology sometime poor education system doesn't even teach how to make love than what is the use of it. I knew I had no choice so before I stood up I adjusted it so it wasn't poking out no wonder am a genius, when I got I there did the same but Angela had realised it before I had my dick was pointing straight at her I don't know how but it was after we got introduced

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