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#52552 - 'Say hello Brenda' he prompted and she did so, shuffling and looking at her feet, why were they staring at her like that 'Wow, she will be a beauty, she will keep you on your toes eh?' one of the men laughed and her Daddy laughed too, although he shook his head 'She is a good girl, I dont predict any problems, she is just starting to flourish, turn from a girl to a woman, but I believe she knows her Daddy knows best' Turning to her he asked 'Isnt that so Brenda' 'Yes Daddy' she said looking at her watch again and missing her Daddy's frown. Let me demonstrate' Turning towards her he beckoned with his finger 'Brenda, get down on your hands and knees and crawl to your daddy' he ordered and loving the look of humiliation on her face, he watched her do as he asked 'Now I want you to show Daddy's friends what a big girl you really are,stand up and take off your uniform for me Brenda' his voic

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