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#400905 - her orgasm also told us she was loving it, as she worked her body on us, my fingers clamped tight inside her butt, then to my total surprise, she took another big sniff, and lay back, holding herself up with her arms behind her, then she just about lifted her feet of the ground, just about all her body held up by our arms, as cum flowed out, then with a huge orgasm, she collapsed exhausted onto us. I heard Kim give out a loud grunt, then the 3 guys fucking her, all moved in harmony, as they set one another off, filling her with 3 loads of hot sticky cum, I let them finish, then moved over, laying near Kim, she knew what to do, as her pussy started to empty its load of juice into my mouth, followed by the juices in her butt, I licked her clean, sending her over the top again. I knew she was able to take a fair bit in her, after seeing her being fisted before, but when she gave a huge grown and lowered herself down to within an inch or so of my elbow, I knew we had created a sex slu

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