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#33328 - I get up to help her with the door, I am told to sit back down with a start, I sit back down in the chair, she puts the tray on the table and passes me a cup of coffee, I thank her for the coffee as she passes one to the lady behind the desk. she sits next to me on the desk, we looked at the time and see that Daine was due back in from her meeting at any time, without a word we got dressed, we kissed one last time as she left the office, Diane calls me into her office, and asked me if everything had gone alright without her and i told her yes everything was fine. as i lay there breathing still heavy ,Dee stands up and looks at me, with the same smile that i had , knowing, she gave me the same smile to me as i had gave her.

Read Livesex Buchou-san to Jiki Buchou. - Saki Ghetto Buchou-san to Jiki Buchou.

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