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#286436 - His dick was well lubricated from her natural womanly juices and the blood from her cherry had being popped. “Have you ever done any of this before? She said with a shiver down her spine due to his masterful hands working her body “Not really, this is all just coming naturally” he said in a whisper to her neck “Do you want to go all the way?” She said now drawing attention from his eyes “I’ll do whatever you want me to” He said with an assuring smile “Do you have a condom?” she asked “I don’t think so” he responded “I don’t want to get pregnant for my first time” she said now as he began to hold her face No that wouldn’t be good” he said now looking deeper into her eyes “I think we can, but we just have to be careful” she said now biting her bottom lip in a pure moment of lust and bewilderment “I think it will be ok” he said as his hands now rested on her hips He then slowly dragged his hands down her hips letting her panties slide down with them. S

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