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#374972 - As I was halfway there my brother mike walked to his bedroom door, when he noticed me running towards him, he froze and stared at me in shock, his eyes darting from my tits to my freshly shaven pussy, I also froze in shock for a moment, then coming to my senses covered my tits with one hand and my crotch with the other, jogged past him to my room, I turned to him and said “no towels” before I closed my door. “I don’t have much but id rather it be shaved off and look like yours” she continued glancing at my shaven pussy. When we went to bed the images of my sister shaving her pussy were stuck in my head so I crept to my brothers room, shook Mike awake and asked if he had any porn magazines I could borrow, he couldn’t believe what I was asking as he crept to his drawers and pulled out a magazine from under his socks, I could see his boner poking against his boxers, I got the magazine off him and gave him a kiss on his cheek and returned to my room.

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