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#338465 - She had reduced her volume and now just (just!) squealed and hissed as she oozed juice out coating our groins and legs, and was joyously experiencing a series of climaxes, made more intense when she leaned her back closer to me, to a point where I could reach around for her tits and slightly more roughly rub and fondle them, pulling her nipples out, stretching them, and stretching her squeal for longer moments while she basked in these multiple orgasms. Into my third week, I was in the local market, around the corner from the small house which had been provided me, and I literally ran into my ex-mother-in-law. She didn’t let up for another minute, forcing her tongue in against mine, and then she calmed a little to say “Why did you marry my daughter? I was ready and available for you; I wanted you first! Now I want you, for myself –please.

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