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#366311 - I roughly pulled her skirt up to her waist, although it didn't have far to go, and discovered the most beautifully formed pussy I had ever seen, and was surprised to find it was completely shaved! By now my cock was so hard I thought I would burst at any moment, I had often day-dreamed of similar scenarios but never imagined it would actually happen to me! So I took one long lingering look at her helpless form in front of me, by now she had stopped struggling, presumably a combination of being resigned to what was obviously about to happen, and being overcome by the alcohol. As she looked up at me, the sudden movement of her head, combined with the effect of the alcohol caused her to lose her balance and she fell sprawled backwards across the log, presenting me with a beautiful sight of this stunning young stranger bent over with her head and feet in contact with the ground, but her midriff forced ungracefully towards me, which had the added advantage, from my point of view, o

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