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#70540 - One of the Orcs picks up her outfit, sword pieces and sizzor and throws it in the trash can, doing a quick scan of her surroundings Ayame realizes two thing, first is that she's completely naked, her arms are tied behind her back and there's a rope tied around her right ankle and the rope is tied to a bolt sticking out of the wall that she's leaning against. He laughs and says Did you really think you can raise an Orc? Your so stupid, he'll rape and impregnate you the first chance he gets, he's an Orc, you can't change him plus I really want to see you get raped and impregnated by your own Orc Son . Standing at the foot of the bed is Rikimarue smiling, Ayame screams WHAT'S GOING ON RIKIMARUE? Rikimarue laughs and says Your not very smart are you? that's ok I'll walk you through it , He says Think back to the mission you got from Taimanin HQ, it said rumor has it, well who do you think started that rumor? That's right it was me .

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Mana kazama
See you have them throat powers
Nene romanova
Y all do realize that the title usually fake