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#350505 - But even more arousing than this is the simple fact that she was just married 3 weeks previous and here is our friend's wife sharing with us the sight of her luscious tits, which were only meant to be viewed by her husband's eyes. It was a night Britney's husband volunteered to pull a double shift at his job and wouldn't be showing up until close to midnight, but since so many other guys were already there it was almost as if no one missed him. Continuing to be held down against her wishes, Britney began to get even more scared as she started to shake and whimper probably fearing that she was about to get raped - but what the fuck did she expect? By the way she was walking around and teasing our cocks by displaying that perfect little fuckable body of hers, she should have known it was bound to happen sooner or later that one of us wouldn't be able to resist the temptation any longer.

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