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#20910 - It must have been about six week on when a couple of girls from work first approached me, asking if I would like to go out with them for a drink well it was pretty obvious to me what the answer was going to be. Billy stayed knotted with me for about twenty minuets then he finally went soft and fell out of me followed by a load of come, he didn’t waste any time in getting his big tong around my pussy Wow look at him lap that up Shaz and May were laughing go on Billy go for it boy. After what felt like an hour she pulled out then I herd May, my fucking turn come here bitch, she weren’t so gentle she just got down and rammed the fucking thing straight up me Aaargg as I tried to cry out there was slobber running down my mouth where it was held open, Ho god that hurt she was banging me twice as hard as Shaz did, just then she said to Shaz how do you fancy DP, what a bit of double? Yeh come on lets both fuck the ass of the bitch ok.

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