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#88829 - Taking a huge breath of air I gave a wordless shout of utter ecstasy as I felt her swallowing the cumm, moaning a muffled tune of total bliss to feel me sending another jet of scalding spunk before using her hand to pull the rest onto her lithe tongue which danced over the head as she wanked my cock off while I kissed the trickles of her love juices from the fiery lips of her sensitive pussy; Moaning happily, at tasting the love we had freely given each other, then moving reluctantly apart with sighs of complete contentment to gather our wits; lying head-to-toe gasping for breath, & I looked back up along her body to see that each gulp of air was making her tits heave which only added to my lust-crazed state as I licked my lips of her slick juice. The peristaltic waves sending ripples shivering down my shaft that made my sacs boil with spunk as I slithered my tongue around her puckered hole before plunging all the way inside. Flatterer she giggled, lifting her juicy tits up & s

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Kenji harima
I would like to be your personal slave mistress
Kiyoshi miyaji
She took a nice beating
Andy w. hole
Sexy as ever but what the hell is your accent i can t figure it out
Daisuke goura
Be my momma
Ai miyashita
I love her
Akira okuzaki
I was just thinking she reminded me of an old girlfriend too she was always horny and could cum if you barely touched her but the sex is the only thing i miss for sure