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#301754 - Oh Bella yes, cum on my face, piss on me! Ive wanted to fuck you for so long, to suck on you tits, to lick you cunt and fuck your arse!!! Bellatrix collapsed onto Hermione and they kissed each other for what seemed like hours!! I dont think ill be needing Harry Potter now Bella, not now ive got you!! excellent I was hoping you would say that my filthy,dirty little mudblood!!! said Bellatrix as she smiled again, I will let you fuck him and suck his cock with me but you are mine now and my arse could use some more fucking!! With that Bellatrix shoved Hermione's face to her arse and Hermione licked away furiously! THE END. Fuck that arse with your tongue, come here, I want to taste it! She turned to Hermione and kissed her passionatly. Draco I am going to venture upstairs shortly and tend to the boy Potter and the mudblood Granger,but before I do is there anything you wish to ask me? No aunt Bellatrix, what do you mean? Draco looked uneasy and shifted

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