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#403226 - Anna says Well if your ok with this then I'm ok with it too, I'll call Marcus and tell him we agree to his terms , Anna calls Marcus and tells him that both Brent and her agree to his terms. Anna goes to the sink and turns on the water so she can wash her Son's cum off her face, Brent says Should we tell Marcus that that we can do this? I'm sure he would love to see it , Anna says Let's wait and see, if he ask us to do then we'll both agree and if he doesn't ask us to do it then we'll tell him that we can do it for him, yes your right, he would love to us do that . Brent comes home from school and after saying hello to Marcus and his Mother he takes a shower, once he out of the shower Marcus says Brent I have some ideas for the new pictures I'm going to take today but I wanted to ask you first if you would be ok if your penis touched your Mothers vagina? , before Brent could say anything Marcus says Obviously there won't be any penetration but your penis will touch her vagina, y

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