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#308146 - She rolled into my arms and we lay there cuddling, the next thing we knew was the door opening and mom stepping in, “Philip, how about we” she froze, “Well that’s answered my question” “What mom”? “I was going to ask if you wanted to stop the night” I then heard Andrew asked what I had said “Philips fine, he and Emma are getting to know each other better” just then Andrew looked around the door, he smiled and said “I think we’ll be a happy family” we stayed the night and I made love to Emma all night, as I think Andrew did to the same with mom. Holding her hand out to me she told me we should be getting home, I thanked Andrew for letting me play and he thanked my mom for her help. The screen went blank “She’s done for the night” he asked what we thought of the show, John said it was awesome, I nodded my agreement, half an hour later I was back home, I wondered if I should tell mom about what I saw, but I decided not to.

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May lee
I love your hentais each hentai gets its performance improvement i can not wait for the next one
Sanae dekomori
I like turtles