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#12706 - ) I instinctively started rubbing, squeezing, and kneading her firm perky teenage mammary glands paying special attention to her nipples as I had noticed she would moan some when I touched them! After a long time of this kissing and caressing! Lisa breaks our lips apart much to my despair ,and slides her self down my legs again until she leans forward with her soft hair tickling my stomach and gently kisses the head of dick! I let out a little sigh when she does this. Her mom left for work, and her dad laid down for bed right before she left! Around 10-11 o'clock she told me it was time for my bath! I didn't mind doing this until Lisa came in and said she needed to help me because my Mom told her too( mom didn't!) I was a little embarrassed being a just barely teenager,but she said she would get in with me. She slowly stuck the head of my dick into her pussy, and inch by inch at a snails pace! My beautiful cousin impaled herself on my little dick! As soon as I was buried to the hil

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