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#377524 - Eric- Mistress is going to let me lick her new pet I wanted that bitch to suck my dick. I step between her legs and I tell her to be still don’t move as I part her lips and stick my dick into her she is tight at first so I go slow to let her adjust to my size then I pull back and slam into her and she begins to scream as I thrust into her over and over I also tell her that it is her job to please me so I turn the vibrator on and hold it on her clit, she goes wild I can feel that she about to cum so I tell her to hold it she begins begging me to let her cum so I remove the vib and slap her clit as I tell her to cum. Kyle is one of our in-house slaves he also works in our whorehouse he is good at it, Kyle also liked being pissed on and in.

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Awesome video very sincere keep shooting hentais