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#308838 - Often switching up to pain face were the poor bottom experience uncontrollable facial tics and tweaks, the eyes are now narrow slits, pressed tightly shut, the teeth are clenched together keeping the mouth closed except for an occasional involuntary snarl, in fact the entire face is twisting and contorting in anal agony, turning once handsome features into a grimacing mask of torturous twitches. I must warn you I'm very vocal and my first master trained me to humiliate myself with dirty talk, now it's totally involuntary when i'm being screwed, the harder i'm fucked the more i rant about how i deserve it and more. The timing was perfect for both of us, both fresh out of college, he had very little sexual experience and although it had been four years since I came out, most of my sex was in my previous long term relationship with John.

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