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#195771 - Then go inside, gather all that your bandit friends stole and bring it out here The man ordered as the elf disappeared into the sunken keep The man walked over to Arngeirr and helped him up Are you alright? The man asked, to which the man nodded in reply What is your name? Arngeirr, and yours? . Arngeirr advanced slowly and quietly for two reasons, he didn't want to lose his prey, and just to his left on top of the sunken tower of Llinatas Deep were two bandit Marauders wielding Orcish Battleaxes. Unlike others in Skyrim, the fish would have been their last concern, as for some reason everyone thought that the lake was cursed, no one in the Sword-Runner family believed in curses, and they were ALL stubbornly brave beyond reckoning.

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