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#4 - She saw the precum on Bobs cock & gently began to lick at the slit of his cock, tasteing another mans cum & enjoying the taste of it, she then engulfed her whole mouth around his cock & began to suck like a woman posessed, she had only sucked on her husbands cock 2 or 3 times during their 9 year marriage because she didnt like the look of Marks cock, she always thought he had an ugly looking cock, But Bobs was a beauty she thought. Grabbing at both her boobs Bob began to pinch the nipples, they poked out at him invitingly as if to say bite me, Bob did just that, he began to lick at each boob & then took the left one into his mouth & bit hard on Kims tender nipple, Kim was now gently strokeing the back of Bobs head willing him to feed on her body, Bob moved his hand down her smooth stomach & into the cotton white panties she still had on, She felt Bobs fingers part her vaginal lips & push 2 fingers inside her.

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