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#302084 - But first, she says, I have to go pee and proceeds to the bathroom leaving the door wide open. As I lay there my erection does not go away but aunt Susan is very cool about it and doesn’t make any comments or anything but in order to get to my but hole she must move my sack out of the way with her warm hand she proceeds to move my sack and the inserts ever so slowly her finger into my butt hole for a few minutes the only sound I hear is her finger massaging my butt hole and my heavy breathing I am now in heaven I close my eyes and without realizing my hand is caressing her leg she says … that feels good and as my hand travels upward I get to her womanhood and it is soaked she spreads her legs even more to give me a chance to keep exploring then remembering her yellow panties and the beautiful smell my hand proceeds to het butt hole I gently rub my finger around her beautiful butt hole and then bring my finger to my nose and exploded all over her, me, the table, everywhere, with a devi

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Grazzie mille ragazza che giro
Murasaki shikibu
Her name shall be olivia
Renzo shima
Definitely want to see more of her