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#236208 - so i jump on her bed saying: ME: hey jec wassup JESSICA; hi kuya are u going to sleep yet? (Kuya in filipino means big brother and thats how she calls me :) ) ME: no not yet, so hows life with a boyfriend ? JESSICA: (she throw her psp away and started talking tome)hmm? didnt i tell u we broke up a couple weeks ago i cought him flirting with her ex so i brokeup wid him (then our conversation keep going on and we started to feel sleepy and i told her im goin to sleeep beside her till 5 in the mornin so if aunt come home she wont be supisious to us and jessica aggreed to me and i ended up sleeping beside her she was wearing her pjs and im also wearing my sponged bob pjs also and i didnt wear any underwear ofcourse coz u guys know what im already thinking. then a few days later my aunt came by and thats the time i met my cousin jessica she's pure white i think about 5'6 tall, her boobs its pretty bumpy, she got a good ass too, she is so adorable and she was 16 at that time

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Ruby rose
You on my face would be heaven just let me lick up all that cum before you leave
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