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#295808 - Hey Benny, she asked, how much is this tape worth to you? Before he could answer, she tossed it on the bed, and cut one of ropes holding Sarah's arm to chair while looking back at Ben and commenting, That tape is a present from me to you and your bride, she should be able to get away now that her one arm is loose, I just had to have one last night to remember you by, hope you won't hold it against me! Ben and Sarah looked at each other, both relieved that the whole thing was over. I want to see that part where you're eating her pussy, he said playfully! Oh youuuuuu, she retorted, and they both broke down and laughed some more!!! THE END. Through all the bantering back and forth between Ben and Krista, Sarah was busy licking Krista's now dripping pussy, and while having never tasted one before, Sarah was shocked to find out that the taste of a hot vagina was very arousing to say the least! Krista too was finding it arousing, because she was on th

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Shinobu miyake
Love this so sensual and natural wish more standard porn was like this
Yukari sahashi
Que buena mamada
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Nice pussy