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#269261 - i just can’t that’s wrong, and you know that i turn around and head towards the door fucinhigh08: i grab you by your hair and pull you back towards me and spin you around and grab your cheeks look you little bitch your gonna fucking suck my cock one way or another so either take the 7 dollars and shut the fuck up or i’m going to fucking make you take my cock in your throat so hard you wont be able to swallow nothing but ice cream for a week yankees2girl: ((omg)) fucinhigh08: ((i knew you’d love that)) yankees2girl: ((dammmn)) yankees2girl: ((holy fuck)) fucinhigh08: ((i was thinking it while i was typing it)) yankees2girl: ((wow)) yankees2girl: i look you deep in the eyes as tears swell up in the corners of them, as a tear rolls down my cheek is say fine between clenched teeth from you holding onto my face fucinhigh08: “good little bitch i say as i spit in your face and push your head down forcing you to fall to the ground as i unzip my pants and begi

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