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#220288 - Fine, let me get ready and i'll give you what you want. So what happened hunny? i said quietly. I didn't know how to take it i thought it would have been a lot more serious than it turned out to be, i said in a very serious manner, Why's that hunny, What did she do to you? I looked him in the eye to reasure him that everything he told me would not be said to anyone else, I told her that i wanted to have sex with her, but i also said something that kinda freaked her out he said looking worried, Come on you can tell me i said reasuringly to him, he continued very unsure of what my reaction would be I told that i wanted to act out a sexual fanasty of mine with her i replied interested by saying Go on Josh still unsure of what may happened contiued, I went over to her house and told her that i was ready to have sex, don't worry Mum i made sure that i had a condom, but before we had sex i told her that i liked to be pissed on, i brought Josh up to b

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