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#390959 - Mark had been at it for almost an hour when he started to get readings, smiling he looked at Assti, you've been after him with no let up, good! Assti looked at the read out holy shit! bio readings too? Who the hell was this guy? she'd heard he was good but not this good! Yes, but I lost him when I landed here my scanner can't pierce his damping field, Assti said, Mark took hers removing the back and for half an hour tweeked and added parts, then handed it back to her. Sighing Mark next checked all the power lines into the comp, the whole time scanning everything Mark didn't want another repeat of the last planet. Mark had to smile at that, within minutes Mark had the paper work in hand and was walking back in, the man was still trying to talk his way out of it with Nissie and Sam.

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