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#319582 - Ben reached over to the glove box deliberately stretching over Jason in the passenger seat causing his shirt to rise up allowing Jason to see the small hand gun he had placed in his belt at his side before they left the house, Jason quietly took the gun while his father retrieved the documents and handed them off to the cop. As the weeks went by everything seemed to be fine, Been and Jason both got jobs at the local butcher shop as meat cutters, Ben called it a fitting job considering where they came from, but in this case they were carving up cows, pigs and chickens, not young girls like Jessica, Steven and Jessica being younger then Jason were enrolled in the local high school. As they were driving though town to reach the border of Dolcett, they passed by the meat wagon on its way to pick Jessica up, Well it wont be long now before they relies you’re a runaway and come after us Ben said just as they crossed the border leaving the town, Get that sundress on and try to act

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