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#69843 - He’s a little tipsy so I immediately help him out to stand up and led him to their bed as I remember my aunt would usually do in cases such as that. He sucked on the nipple too as I shiver tremendously rubbing my legs against him , he grabs my panties feeling how hot and wet I was , immediately he took off my dress then his shirt , he slides to my panties pulled them down and before I could react had his mouth eating my virgin pussy. He told me he needed it badly and wants me to give a him a blowjob and there in the middle of the sala , he made kneel still in my school uniform and performed fellatio on him until he came in my mouth , his cock bobbed in and out of my mouth , he told he was about to come , I was making mumbling sounds intending to pull out but he took a grip hold of my head and chin and let his load spurted down my throat , I could hear him groan in total satisfaction as he unloads.

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