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#181604 - “so I think this would shoot two birds with one stone” she said and grabbed fletchers hand, she placed it her breast and fletcher decided the hell with it, he kneaded her breast and brought his face to hers, their lips meet and her tongue entered his mouth he met it with his own they battled for dominance and after a minute fletcher won he explored her mouth and broke apart for a breath. Fletcher moaned as well and started to buck his hips in rhythm to her and soon they were both panting china could feel herself getting close and fletcher knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, he saved this moment in his memory, china rocking back and forth her womanhood enclosed around his manhood her breasts bouncing up and down her hands above her head as if she was stretching, biting her lip in her pleasure and then they came in a symphony of pleasure, he erupted inside her as her walls tightened on his pulsing cock. She sat him on the bed and gripped his hard dick in her hand and br

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