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#351140 - I grabbed her luscious ass cheeks for support, and slipped my cock into her little slit with ease. As our lips touched, I was expecting a slap, but after what seemed like an eternity, she kissed me back, and before I knew it our tongues met and we were exploring each others mouths! Holy crap! I couldn’t believe it! The bulge in my pants was throbbing! This was so hot! I then decided to keep going, and my hand on her thigh moved up to her stomach, then slowly upwards before gently rubbing the bottom of her massive tit. However, these days that’s rare and she has a boyfriend so whenever I do get to see her, all I want is her! It feels so wrong but I love it! About three weeks ago I began to have these dreams about her.

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Cyberdoll sara
I want to be used like this love the way he speaks to her
Tuxedo mask
You are great
Akane kinesaki
Sweet blow job i love it