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#274391 - I also let her have her girlfriends stay over all the time and I pretend not to notice that they are drinking my booze and staggering around. I couldn’t get over what Pamela had said about them having the same body. Pamela said, “I hate panty lines, bra marks, and body hair! I went to a doctor and had my leg hair, pubic hair, and my armpit hair permanently removed!” Nicole said, “Didn’t it hurt?” Pamela said, “Not really! I am a magazine model and I can’t work if I nick myself while shaving or if the damn stubble grows back before the photographer is done taking his pictures that day!” Nicole said, “You were a magazine model!” Pamela looked at Nicole, smiled, and then said, “I still am honey!” Pamela picked up a magazine on the coffee table that my daughter had recently bought, turned a few pages, and pointed to a picture.

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