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#292876 - I would masturbate 5-7 times a day fantasizing about her going to her house especially when Kiran wouldn't be around so I can stare at her body all I want without being caught by Kiran. I crushed her breasts again and kissed and bit them slowly I traced down with my tongue and pushed my tongue in her navel that was large and round, uuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffff maaaaaaaaaa ooooohhh she moaned I played with her navel for a few minutes while teasing it with the tip of my tongue she pulled me up to kiss her then I went back down on her again and kissed her on her thighs and then inner thighs, I could smell her pussy and noticed that her breathing had become very hard anticipating what was coming next I kissed her at the edge of her thigh and pussy and slowly pushed my middle finger inside her wet pussy which sucked in my finger. She had swallowed my whole cock!!! She then took it out, laid back on the bed and invited me with her open legs, Come fuck me baby she said.

Read Hair Shippai! Otori Sousa | Failure! Investigation Bait - Original Aunt Shippai! Otori Sousa | Failure! Investigation Bait

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