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#149126 - My mother said she thought I would be ready for him very soon,so to save time she suggested whilst I was hanging there it would be a good idea to de-hair me,my neighbour laughed and said I didnt have any hair to remove,but he would enjoy applying the de-hairing cream. My mother told me that he had to make certain that there wasnt anymore blockages,he was going to work the dildo in and out of my cunt to make sure,I said I understood. My neighbour started massaging my arms,it wasnt long before he was massaging my chest just above my tits,then he massaged my tits,his cock was sticking out again,my mother laughed and said she could see he liked it,he said he would like it even more when he fucked it.

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No mames pinche pitote
Seiji fujishiro
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