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#196887 - E train in the evening light bulbs dim and glow two gray hairs by the window three tweeners sniffing blow old farts gone at Rego Park new crowd rushing in drag queens in the corner the redhead reeking sin conductor squawks the line’s gone dead a thousand sparks and screams lights no more cries break out a great bad fucking dream lighter by the window two dancing by the door movement by my shoulder the touch i’m wanting more her smell the Woods of Windsor lips like roses too her hands upon my growing need a wanton kiss wants two zipper down button gone nipple taught so firm my hips move with her fingers her hand both twists and turns a drag queen screams we’re moving my molten seed now gone her taste those magic fingers the touch still lingers on Jackson Heights behind me my thoughts a moving train each day i wait for evening the redhead and her flame.

Read Blackdick あけましてクロエネv - Kagerou project Missionary Position Porn あけましてクロエネv

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Orange heart
How do you know that
Nice she can blow me next
Gagaga girl
A moya ochared
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