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#77382 - The first thing that wake me up is the soft scent of lavender, I sigh and open my eyes, the light is dim and the first I see is a white figure kneeling next to the bed, as my eyes start to focus I realize it’s Xandre, she smile when she sees me waking up. I groan with pleasure as she continue to massage my cock with her pussy muscles, she shifts her hands a bit and then she start to move up and down my cock, clenching her muscles as she moves upwards and then relax her muscles slightly as she impale herself on my cock again, I hold onto her hips as she rides my cock and slowly slide my hands up her sides and cup her firm breasts. After finishing with the weeds I start the pump and rub over my neck, I can feel that I got sunburn, but there is nothing I could do about that now.

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My goodness this is so lovely
Hanna wind
I agree white grantmp
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Nice girl awesome