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#241549 - We started to jerk each other off, I never knew how wonderful it was to have someone else touch your cock and jerk it, I was so close to Cumming from just the kiss let alone the jerking, I said I'm gonna cum he replied not yet and stopped, but for a good reason, he just grinned and said 69 I automatically knew what he meant and we got in the position and sucked each others cock, I lasted about 2 minutes and as soon as I came, he did a few seconds later, I wasn't expecting the cum at that moment and I started coughing, but kept it all in my mouth, and swallowed every drop, he did the same except for the choking part and we shuffled so we were spooning with me behind him and we fell asleep like that. We worked at the same bench and would just talk about random things, you know, normal teen guy things, today was Friday so we decided that I would come over to his house that night and stay until Sunday.

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Carmen 99
Great hentai
This guy sounds like kyle from 1320hentai